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Get a sticker with your donation

Donate $25 to one of our crowdsourced studies and we'll email you about sending your sticker!

Instructions for Clarity:

1. Go to website by clicking on either "Donate" button above.

2. Select "Fund."

3. Select whichever Champion you'd like to support, or select ImYoo.

4. Follow prompts.

Thank you for supporting citizen science!

Spread the movement!

Tag @imyoohealth in a pic.

Use #spoonies4science, #spooniesforscience

Looking for more ways to support citizen science research?

Set your own fundraising goal on Kernls and become a Champion for research.

1. Set your crowdfunding goal with either button above.


2.  Follow prompts from Kernls to complete signing up.

3. Kernls emails you fundraising messages to share with friends and family.

Champions who fundraise $500 sponsor ~1 study participant and

receive and ImYoo mascot pillow!

Share your Story as a Champion

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