Human Immune System Study

ImYoo is seeking to understand immune variability within individuals using single-cell gene expression profiling methods, which can be used to obtain the gene expression levels of thousands of genes in thousands of cells in your blood from a single sample. Additionally, we are looking to develop methods which would allow future users to self-collect blood and ship it for single-cell immune profiling.

For this study, we are asking for participants to come on-site to Illumina Accelerator between November 8th - November 12th, 2021 and provide a small sample of self-collected blood using capillary blood extraction technology from YourBio Health. As part of your participation, you will receive a voucher for a free at-home Immune Expression kit which you will be able to redeem for yourself or a friend when we officially release it.

If you are interested in participating in this study, please schedule a time!

Who can participate? Individuals aged between 18-65.

Will it hurt? No, it feels like a light fingernail poke, followed by gentle suction.

Where? 200 Lincoln Centre Dr, Foster City, CA 94404

PI: Tatyana Dobreva,

IRB #: Pro00057361/ImYoo Inc. - 01