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We’re building a patient-enabled biodiscovery platform

ImYoo is filling a missing data gap

For each of us, our unique biology is changing moment to moment. Yet, we only measure our biological state intermittently, almost exclusively in the confines of clinics, hospitals and doctor’s offices. This lack of scalable, longitudinal, on-demand data results in time and money wasted on suboptimal diagnostics, drugs, and failed clinical trials due to mismatches between treatments and human biology. In addition, legacy methods for patient data collection are biased by limited population diversity, an increasingly important success factor for drug development and FDA approval.

ImYoo was founded to fill this data gap with a patient-enabled biodiscovery platform that generates scaleable, high fidelity, longitudinal data - the essential components for training machine learning models that can predict treatments from biology, enabling more precise and targeted medicine. Our innovative approach brings single-cell multiomic analysis to small blood volumes self-collected at home. We aim to identify critical markers from longitudinal samples and during key disease events, like autoimmune flares or adverse therapeutic side effects.

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