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ImYoo equips researchers and discovery scientists with unique data to drive novel insights

Technical Note

ImYoo is a decentralized vertical platform that makes collecting and analyzing patient data easy. This platform has several key benefits for researchers, including:
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Patient diversity

Equipping people to take their sample on their own time & on their turf

Capturing new data

Patients sampling during immune events can reveal novel biological mechanisms

One person, across time

Patients’ healthy state measured against themselves, not against the “average”

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A discovery platform with patients at the center

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Data provided by patient scientists and analyzed by ImYoo is powerful. It can be used to drive new discoveries in a range of applications, including biomarker discovery, individual baselining, and patient stratification.

To meet the varied needs of our partners, there are two main routes to work with us. First, you can tap into our rich database of single cell transcriptomics data to uncover novel hypotheses. Second, we can help you design and execute a bespoke study leveraging our network of patient scientists and analytical capabilities.
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