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ImYoo helps patients become patient scientists

You can be a patient scientist. Your biology is unique, and you know your body like no one else can. ImYoo pairs your self-knowledge with researchers who have complementary expertise in disease biology and the latest scientific techniques. Your contributions as a patient scientist can help researchers to better understand the nature of human health and disease and to develop improved therapies that benefit all.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) includes Crohn's & colitis.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Baseline is for anyone without IBD or RA.

What is a patient scientist?
  • Patient scientists are people who want to take part in extraordinary research.

  • They may be healthy people or be diagnosed with particular conditions.

  • They participate in research studies by providing samples and insights that help researchers to understand their biology and improve therapeutic options.

What does being a patient scientist with ImYoo involve?

  • We provide you with kits that allow you to collect a small, painless, self-administered blood sample.

  • The study guidelines explain when and how to collect these blood samples from home.

  • We supply you with everything you need to ship these blood samples back to our lab, including postage.


What does ImYoo do with my blood samples?

  • We process your samples and analyze them using novel molecular techniques.

  • This analysis generates a molecular “snapshot” of your cells’ behavior, especially those active in the immune system.

  • These immune profiles can help researchers to:

    • Understand the difference within a patient over time (for example, why a drug stopped working)

    • Understand the difference between patients (for example, why a drug worked for one person but not another)

    • Identify the systemic factors driving a disease

    • Discover new or improved therapeutic options

  • This data is also added to our combined database of studies, which provides researchers with a dynamic view of the human immune system, as it responds to your environment and changes over time.

What do I get from joining ImYoo's research studies?

  • You can opt in for a personalized report on how your RNA and cell numbers compare to other people in the database


How do I become a patient scientist with ImYoo?


Sign up to stay updated about new studies as they get launched. 


Please indicate your disease area to make sure you get invited to the right study.

Meet ImYoo citizen scientists
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