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Autoimmune Warrior Stories: Ashley Nicole

It took Ashley 6 years of pain to finally reach her rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. Now she is a body builder, a fitness coach, and a #spoonieforscience

I started experiencing symptoms at age 21 and went to urgent care for treatment as I had no medical insurance. They told me to take Tylenol or Aleve and I did for 6 years.

When I was finally diagnosed, I had severe joint damage in my wrists. After a few failed medication attempts and a lupus diagnosis, my doc finally found something that worked.

I became a champion with ImYoo because I want to be a part of the change that I want to see for our spoonie community. Getting a diagnosis and finding the right medication shouldn’t take so long. The work that ImYoo is doing will change many lives.

Ashley Davis is a body builder and fitness coach. Learn more about her autoimmune-friendly fitness program, RA Warrior Fitness.

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