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Understand IBD Flares

Looking for biomarkers that could potentially help with flare prediction & management


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Radical transparency. 
See exactly where the money is going. 

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About the Study:

1. Why is it important to study flares? 

Flares can be unpredictable. Someone could be in remission for years and end up hospitalized from a sudden flare that completely blindsided them. During a flare, it’s hard to say how bad it will get or how long it will last, which can make IBD patients feel completely powerless.


This flare study gives IBD Warriors a chance to do something with their flares: There are very few flare studies, so now is the chance to look at this critical window of opportunity. Flare data is largely missing from research, because patients are unable to leave home during these episodes. If we can collect this data and identify markers that predict flare onset, severity, or duration, we can give IBD patients more control over their lives.

IBD Warriors are often worried about their next flare: Almost a third of IBD patients experience one or more flares every week, which can mean going to the bathroom up to 20 times in one day. Flares can make it impossible to leave the house and are isolating. When flares worsen, they require hospitalization and sometimes even surgery. 

2. How will my contribution help?

If you have IBD, your participation could help us unlock the answers we're after. Your immune system is unique, so we don't know what your cells will reveal! Single-cell RNA sequencing is very promising! Researchers have already shown how it can distinguish between Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.  Let's see what we can discover! 

Donations are optional and open to anyone. If you donate, your contribution will go directly to this study. We are radically transparent, so our budget and timeline are posted upfront. You can see exactly where your donation is going (mostly to lab supplies) and how it speeds up the time for us to launch.

Unlike many clinical trials, our study focuses on creating research that can power more personalized treatments and diagnosis. We keep the lines of communication open with you. That means we will release continual updates to the community and you'll be the first to hear from us on our findings. 


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