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Mom Advocates who Inspire Us

Remarkable moms are removing barriers to research through their advocacy

This article is featured in full length on the blog, Mamas Facing Forward.

Moms can be the fiercest of patient advocates, for themselves and especially their children. Maybe it’s the “mama bear,” protective instinct that kicks into hyperdrive? Or maybe there’s some truth to the stereotype that they’re superior multi-taskers?

Or maybe, they don’t have much choice, and they are forced to adapt. Chronic illness warriors are well versed in maneuvering around the unpredictable, the inconvenient, and the downright unfair hurdles that pop up in their disease. As moms, they use those skills to roll with the punches. More than that, they’re ruthlessly efficient. They’re practically psychic when it comes to planning and militant about organization. That’s what makes moms the fiercest advocates.

Read the full article on Mamas Facing Forward. ... Mamas Facing Forward is a blog for moms and moms-to-be who are living with chronic illnesses and have questions or concerns about pregnancy and motherhood.

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