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ImYoo releases technical note in partnership with YourBio Health

We have released a technical note describing ImYoo's experimental platform for performing decentralized immune studies with small samples of capillary blood (0.1-0.5 mL) self collected by participants with the TAP II device from YourBio Health.

The technical note describes technical validation of ImYoo's platform with different data modalities, including single cell and single nuclei RNA-seq, as well as different kinds of input samples, including cryopreserved PBMCs from venous and capillary blood collected using YourBio Health's TAP II device , and nuclei isolated from frozen buffy coat.

A UMAP of a subset of ImYoo's database showing 1M high quality PBMCs consistently processed by ImYoo from fresh blood samples of capillary and venous blood.

Another important experimental result described in the paper is the demonstration that capillary blood gene expression of whole blood samples preserved over 24h on ice is comparable to that of the same samples processed fresh. This is important because preserving samples on ice allows studies to leverage cold-storage shipping rather than having to process samples immediately after collection. Initial results of biological studies performed with ImYoo's platform, including single-point collection and longitudinal sampling are also briefly discussed.

An example of disease specific signatures identified at molecular resolution in capillary blood.

ImYoo continues to search for new clinical research collaborations leveraging this platform, with a focus on autoimmune diseases and understanding immune health, and a focus on experimental designs that leverage the potential for longitudinal sampling and ad-hoc self-sampling by participants at home during adverse events.

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