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We won the Autoimmune Association's 2022 Patient Choice Awards!

Five startups were nominated and attendees of the second annual Community Summit voted for their favorite company.

On October 21st and 22nd, we attended the the Autoimmune Association's second annual Community Summit. We love the Autoimmune Association, because, like us, they're also trying to connect the dots across autoimmunity. The 2-day virtual event was completely free. They brought together clinicians, researchers, and patients to share resources, making it all the more accessible to the public.

The Autoimmune Association also invited startups! As a small biotech company, it's hard to keep up with the registration fees for large events or sponsoring smaller ones. The Association really made sure all the stakeholders could engage in the conversation.

Most critically, they elevated the most crucial voice, the patients'. Their Patients' Choice Awards presented a handful of nominated startups for the attendees of the event to vote on. The patients decided which startup they liked the most.

The virtual medal for the Autoimmune Association's Patients' Choice Awards went to ImYoo!

ImYoo was nominated by Lilly Stairs, a board member at the Association and founder of Patient Authentic, a patient-centric marketing company. We presented alongside 4 amazing startups: Paloma Health, Alira Health, Agora Health, and Progentec.

Paloma is designed to be a one-stop shop for managing your hypothyroidism.

Alira provides comprehensive consulting for healthcare and life sciences organizations.

Agora is a nifty app for following their gut health program.

Progentec currently specializes in lupus and multiple sclerosis, developing lab tests and apps that can assist clinicians and researchers.

ImYoo... you know what we do. In case you need a reminder, check out our submission video below.

ImYoo's video submission to the Autoimmune Association's 2022 Patient Choice Awards.

The votes came in and Lilly revealed that the winner won by just 1 vote.

And that 1 vote was for ImYoo!

It was the perfect metaphor for how every single person matters when it comes to biodiscovery. That's why we believe it's so important to collect multiple samples from people (longitudinal studies)! That's why we strive to baseline every study participant against themselves. We need to understand your biology, because your unique autoimmune system could hold the answers to the community's most burning questions.

Thank you for seeing that vision. Thank you for voting for ImYoo!

Your voice matters, your biology matters: register for our studies today.

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