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Debugging the human immune system


Across time

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Across people


Across disease

We’re a public benefit corporation
building a patient-driven biodiscovery ecosystem

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A discovery platform with patients at the center

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Patients painlessly self-collect capillary blood at home with easy-to-use kits. This enables convenient repeat sampling.

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Samples are mailed to our lab and we perform single cell multiomics, providing a high resolution profile of each patient's immune state.

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We analyze the high dimensional single cell RNA sequencing data using machine learning models trained on our database of immune profiles.

Join ImYoo's Studies


Capture a molecular "snapshot" of your immune system during flares.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Predict response to rheumatoid arthritis drugs.

Current Partner Studies


Predicting kidney transplant rejection with better immune markers.


Organ Transplantation

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Uncovering the links between chronic migraines & inflammation.

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Past Studies

Human Immune Variability


What is a “normal” immune system?

ImYoo built a reference database of single-cell immune data from healthy and autoimmune patients. 

Contextualizing immune gene expression enables better research.


Let's Partner​


We welcome all patients, clinicians, and researchers to sign up for updates. If you have study ideas in mind, book a chat.

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